A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap


The Bootstrap3 flavored timepicker javascript library. Follows the fork lifecycle as jdewit/bootstrap-timepicker -> m3wolf/bootstrap3-timepicker


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Default Settings (dropdown template)


24hr support Demo using the modal template

    minuteStep: 1,
    template: 'modal',
    appendWidgetTo: 'body',
    showSeconds: true,
    showMeridian: false,
    defaultTime: false,
    modalBackdrop: true

All options

Name Options / Defaults Description
template 'dropdown' (default)
Show picker in a dropdown
Show picker in a modal
Don't show a widget
minuteStep 15 Specify a step for the minute field.
showSeconds false Show the seconds field.
secondStep 15 Specify a step for the second field.
defaultTime 'current' (default)
'11:45 AM'
Set to the current time.
Set to a specific time.
Do not set a default time
showMeridian true (default)
12hr mode
24hr mode
showInputs true (default)
Shows the text inputs in the widget.
Hide the text inputs in the widget
disableFocus false Disables the input from focusing. This is useful for touch screen devices that display a keyboard on input focus.
disableMousewheel false Disables the input from changing on mousewheel events
modalBackdrop false Show modal backdrop.